5 Tips Before Buying New Tablet PC

Apple has shown us with the iPad, now comes to the competition more and more momentum. 2011 is the year of the tablet. Each month, the producers throw new models on the market, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Was the question last year, “iPad or no iPad?”, Lends itself to an interested buyer, a host of alternatives. But with the diversity of the buying decision is difficult, between the individual devices are sometimes extreme price and quality differences. Here are five tips you should consider when buying a Tablet PC.

First Operating System – Android vs. iOS vs. Underdogs

The choice of the unit already includes the choice of an operating system with one. Each tablet is designed in conjunction with the preinstalled operating system and can only use it. Usually the decision is between Google’s Android and Apple iOS. Those who opt for the apple, in perfectly coordinated system obtained with excellent ease of use. The catch: In order to use the iPad necessarily tied to the iTunes software, but with such an account receives the device at all new “feed.” This IOS is very restrictive, only by a dubious rescue mission – known as Jailbreak – can be solved by this connection. Google’s Android is presented as a counterpoint to the closed Apple counterpart. The operating system gives the user a lot of freedom to process data from various sources. The newest version of Android 3.2 is specifically optimized for tablets, but even in this form are not as mature as iOS, Apple has already perfected on the iPhone.

Despite playing less restrictions on the two levels which will not reach the other systems do. HP used to be the in-house TouchPad webOS, which is struggling in tablet sector still some teething problems. The BlackBerry Playbook also relies on its own operating systems: BlackBerry Tablet OS is fast, but remains a niche product. Some candidates try it even more special with full Windows 7 – and sometimes it will swim vigorously.

Second Apps – serving tray or multi-talented?

Without the appropriate apps a tablet is indeed beautiful to look at, but relatively useless. Each of these mini-programs for a given task and can be downloaded from the respective app store. This is different depending on the operating system equipped with well-paid and free offers. The largest selection of – more or less useful – Apple still offers programs with over 425 000 apps. Google’s Android Market is approaching the major competitors, which currently offers more and more well-250 000, but has to fight in places, with variations in quality of apps. Significantly less diverse is the range in the other app stores. BlackBerry, HP, and Co. are indeed the elementary programs available and some beyond, with the two great but they can not currently compete.

Third Equipment – powerhouse or better calculator?

How to decide on any other computer on the specifications of the device performance. Inside the Tablets of the processor provides the right pace. Current 10-inch model are often equipped with a dual-core processor, which is required for high-end games. However, those who does not care about the latest games, for a single core processor is perfectly adequate. The situation is similar with the storage capacity. Popular sizes are 16 for the internal memory and 32 gigabytes, with the top models to 64 gigabytes. Such capacity is worthwhile only if you want to store lots of data in the form of music, videos and photo albums on your Tablet. Also consider: Many models, especially with the Android operating system, can be via micro SD card, be expanded by up to 32 gigabytes – so it must not necessarily be the largest internal memory.

Make a significant difference from the connection options. WiFi-only tablets operate exclusively on the Internet via WiFi, so the move are dependent on hotspots. Unlike the 3G variants: These have a UMTS receiver and also as a smart phone for mobile Internet on the go. The surcharge for 3G makes it out after all, about 100 €. If you want to surf so only at home and save yourself the extra costs required for the SIM card with an Internet-Flat is also 3G less meaningful.

The size of the tablet is the most striking external feature. The common formats are seven and ten inches. Here it is important to make the decision according to their own priorities. For maximum mobility, a lighter and slimmer 7-inch model is the first choice. Extensive media consumption and “couch-surfing” on the other hand require more like a 10-inch model. With intermediate variables – such as 8.9 inches – the manufacturers are trying to find the ideal compromise. Since a larger display also usually means more weight, you should already be on the purchase of your usage habits in mind.

But all mobility is useless if the battery gave up half way already makes. The technical features of the manufacturers are always a target for the battery life. Although this provides a good guide, but should not be taken too precisely. Usually the measure applies only to a minor use. Would you like to run the Tablet for games and videos at full load, the battery life is a good deal less.

4th Display – view and sensitivity

The Touchscreen Tablet PC must do much more than the screen of a netbook or notebook. What is needed is not only a brilliant, true color representation, but also the full functionality of a touchscreen. The tablet is almost exclusively controlled with finger movements – and the precise and responsive as possible. Cheap Tablet PCs often work with a resistive touch screen. While this only reacts to pressure and only then converts the commands exactly, does the higher capacitive touch screen is already the lightest touch true. In addition, there is the capacitance variation can also handle multiple, concurrent finger movements – one reason why this technique has been implemented.

Of course, the image quality of the display is relevant. In this, the resolution and the maximum viewing angle as well as a similar role on a TV or monitor. Usually drives a high-quality display and the price up. Who wants to buy a cheap tablet, must therefore make the biggest compromises in screen quality. When buying on the exact specifications so that a supposed bargain is not out to be a visual nightmare behind.

5th Extras – pen, keyboard and Co.

Besides these obvious differences, each tablet on his own special features. This ranges from a pen for more precise control to an optional Tastaturdock, with the turns the tablet into a full-fledged netbook. Since every extra built reflected in the price, you should consider before buying which features you need and what you can do without if necessary. Sun may be an integrated 3D camera to pass as a nice gimmick, but should only be worth least a horrendous charge. Invest but in any case in an appropriate case or a protective cover to protect the tablet from scratches and dust.

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